Ken Smith Illustration

Fiero Focus Nov-Dec Cover
©2014 Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts

There's a story behind this one.

At Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts' annual car show, Fierorama in September 2014, director emeritus Jim Hallman asked me if I would illustrate a cover for the club magazine's November-December issue. He had me at "illustrate"

The show is always in Pottawottamie Park in the Illinois town of St. Charles, so before I left, I made sure I got some reference pictures of both the park and downtown St. Charles, including its stunning white Art Deco municipal hall.

Three weeks later, I had produced the work you see above. It's a shame that Illustrator sits nearly unused in millions of Adobe Creative Suite installations. It's a versatile drawing program that can create photorealistic images when used properly.

If you're old enough to remember the '80's, the clothes and attitudes of the couple will be familiar to you. If you're not, there were a lot of mullets, spiky hair, Jheri curls, smoky eye makeup, legwarmers, purposely torn and sleeveless t-shirts, skinny black Levi's, bared midriffs, Members Only jackets and checkerboard Jeff Spicoli Vans shoes.Click here to see the printed magazine cover.

"Back to the 80's", indeed.