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Ken Smith Illustration

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300SL MGTC MGA Jag XK120 TR4 'Vette OurMonmouth.com Web Banner Challenger
'07 GSS 72 Vette  57 Nomad '65 Mustang Rob's Mini Big Bad Green AMX Last, First Fieros Fiero Pace Car Fiero Focus Cover

Giclee prints of the '57 Nomad, '65 Mustang, '69 AMX, the "First and Last Fiero" "1984 Fiero Pace Car" and the '63 and '72 Vettes are all available for purchase on Etsy. I'll be putting up new illustrations there and here as I complete them, so check back often!

I brought several of these car illustrations to The Adobe Creative Suite Conference in Chicago in October 2007, and was quite proud when everyone from David Blatner to Luanne Seymour Cohen to Adobe Illustrator guru Mordy Golding thought that they were done with Illustrator's gradient meshes (I never use them, and never have).

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